Dyson Supersonic Blowdryer Review

After spending some time playing with the new Dyson Blowdryer I wanted to share my detailed review. I am comparing it to my Chi Hand Shot professional Blowdryer for less than half the cost $150

It protects your hair by measuring the exit temperature 20 times per second and adjusts the heating element accordingly to protect your hair from heat damage. This is the most impressive feature. It dries your hair quickly without overheating.

It does dry hair faster but it doesn't cut your time in half. It took me 9 minutes to dry half my moms hair with my Chi and 7 minutes with the Dyson.

A rubber mount prevents the motor from vibrating against the handle reducing the transfer of sound between the motor and the case. The noise isn't necessarily quieter but it's not as disturbing, if that makes sense. It doesn't have the high pitch, piercing sound like most blowdryers, it's actually a very relaxing subtle sound.

The V9 motor spins at 110,000 times a minute with one inaudible frequency. The digital motor is small enough to fit in the handle. This is where the weight lies, instead of traditionally in the back.

Two Sleek minimalistic  heat and speed buttons with 4 levels indicated by LED lights. It comes with 3 nozzles that magnetically attached, this keeps hair from getting caught between the attachment and the dryer.

$399.99 because $400.00 just sounds too outrageous.

30 day refund policy and two year warranty. So if you're not completely satisfied or think it's not worth the price it can easily be returned.

 I feel it's worth the price if you're able to spend money on luxury items and spend a significant amount of time drying your hair. With a name like Dyson, it should last. It will keep your hair from heat damage which helps with frizz and shine.

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  1. Overall this is best blow dryer for sure