Sea Bags

Sea Bags are beautiful bags created by upcycled sails. Each bag is unique, eco-friendly, sustainable, innovative and carefully cut, stitched, and sewn by artist in Maine. They've managed to save over 500 tons of material from entering landfills over the past 15 years. Impressed yet? They use the last remaining thread manufacturer in the U.S. and the only rope manufacturer in Maine.

I found Sea Bags in a quaint little store in Oahu, Hawaii 7 years ago. I immediately fell in love with the bags. My husband bought me a tote with a gold anchor on the side and I used it everyday for my beach outings, until one day it grew legs and walked out of my life. Pretty depressing, I know. I'm not one to lose things so this was a big disappointment. Thankfully I've managed to keep my anchor wristlet that perfectly holds my phone, cards, and lip gloss. Perfect to toss into my diaper bag, stroller, car beach bag...you get the picture.

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