Hot ginger water

I had to give up caffeine due to some heart issues while pregnant with Ryn. I not only enjoyed the taste of coffee (let's be honest I was addicted!) but I enjoyed the routine of having something warm and comforting when I woke up. Instead of switching to decaf I decided to change my routine all together. I now look forward to my morning mug of hot ginger/lemon water. I can't believe I'm even saying it. This little tonic has replaced my caffeine addiction, and I must say not being dependent is very freeing. I never crash, or have the urgency for more.

Lemons are rich in Vitamim C and have an alkalizing effect which helps balance the bodies ph level. It also stimulates the digestive system to flush out toxins. I personally love the taste of ginger, this warming herb also has detox properties. I simply slice little slivers in my mug and let it steep in hot water for a few minutes before adding lemon. If you're unfamiliar with using ginger I have a simple trick. Run ginger under water then lightly scrape it with the edge of a spoon. The delicate, tissue-like skin comes off relatively clean with just a little pressure.

I will occasionally spoon in Manuka honey for its natural antibiotic qualities, especially if I'm feeling under the weather. However this is not part of my daily routine.

Also great chilled for a refreshing treat throughout the day! 

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