Are you Combat Ready?

My sister in law sent me Combat Ready Baby Balm for Mother's Day. She knows this kind of stuff excites me and it came at the perfect time. Ryn has some irritation from all the diaper changing (teething is so fun) and mosquitos have been on the hunt -for my skin particularly. This multi-tasking, light weight, fast absorbing salve is made with certified organic ingredients and quickly heals diaper rash over night and stops itchy mosquito bites in their tracks. This cure all natural cream is known to soothe eczema, chapped skin, sunburns, bug bites, scratches, dry skin, and the like. There's a combat ready balm specifially for babies, kids and adults. The sample sizes are very generous and a little goes a long way.

Aside from a great product, I'm impressed with their mission to help alleviate skin irritations naturally for troops overseas. It's reportedly one of the only balms that provide Soldiers relief from sand fleas, sunburns, and dry skin. Operation Sand Flea started after a US soldier, serving in Iraq asked for more "magic balm". You can have these products shipped to troops at a wholesale price and they will provide shipping and a note. Definitely a worthy cause.

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