I have been incorporating Eminence products in my makeup regime for a few years now. I love the Antioxidant Mineral Foundation. It's a pressed mineral powder that gives buildable coverage. My complexion seems flawless and smooth with a silky matte finish. I swirl my brush in the powder, tap off the excess, gently sweep the brush across my face and repeat to build coverage.

For the spring and summer I enjoy the Mineral Illuminators. Chai Berry Glow and Mocha Berry Bronzer ; beautiful, rich minerals that reflect the sun and keep the skin cool. I dip my brush into the illuminator, tap off excess powder, gently sweep across my face upward where the sun would naturally hit; cheek bones, bridge of nose and along the chin line. 

Mineral Sun Defense spf 30 is another all time favorite. It's a brush and mineral in one; water-resistant, non-comedogenic, ground fruits and spices, loaded with vitamins and bioflavonoids. This one is easy to use, apply and carry anywhere.

Before I apply these beautiful minerals, I am currently using Red Currant Moisturizer spf 30 for normal to combination skin. I apply a thin layer ( for a lighter application dilute with a little water). For my body, I am using Tropical Vanilla Body spf 32. I love the silky, smooth texture and the protection against UVA/UVB/UVC rays. The combination of shea butter( high in fatty acids) and vanilla ( calming, soothing) are excellent for skin. Sometimes I just wear it for the vanilla aroma. It smells so good

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