Let's talk lashes

If you've never used an eyelash curler, you’re missing out! Curled lashes appear longer, which makes your eyes standout and seem bigger. My favorite lash curler is by Tarte. It gives my lashes great curl and is ergonomically designed to not pinch your skin. Remember to always curl your lashes prior to applying mascara. 
I've been through countless tubes of mascara, and the two I thought couldn't be beat were Le Volume de Chanel and Diorshow. I didn't think finding a mascara with better ingredients and the same wow-factor was possible until I found Miraballa Lash Luxe. Not only is Miraballa's formula free of gluten, parabens, and FD&C dyes, but it also adds volume, length, and curl without flaking or transferring. As a bonus, it includes Widelash, an ingredient which increases the production of collagen and new hair growth in the hair bulb, resulting in stronger, fuller lashes--It's clinically tested to strengthen your lashes within 15 days of use. I have been using this product for about 8 weeks, and I love the performance. Also, unlike other more natural mascaras, Miraballa doesn’t smudge onto my contacts!

 I would love to hear some of your favorite lash products 

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  1. I have actually been wanting some new mascara so this is great timing for this post!