How to define your eyes

Eyeliner is such an important step to help frame and define your eyes, but it's hard to find the right one. I've actually struggled with this for years. Liners were either too smudgy and would run or too hard and would skip while applying.

Beauty Counter consistently wins me over with their makeup. The color outline eye pencil is a gem. It is smooth, blendable, and water-proof, so it stays put all day (no more raccoon eyes at 6pm). This liner is super appealing to busy women who want to simplify their makeup routine. It comes in four different shades: black, brown, violet, and navy, and each pencil has a smudge tip to easily soften edges and blend out harsh lines. Whether you are looking for a sultry smokey eye-look or a sharp clean line, this eyeliner will cater to you. You can vary the density of this liner and even buff out the line to create a lid shadow. In case you were wondering, it only has a EWG rating of one!

Tarte Tartiest Clay Paint Liner is my go-to for my winged cat eye. It has very unique packaging with a squeeze tip applicator, which allows you to control the amount of product you apply to your brush. (This product is similar to my old favorite, Mac paint pot in black track). It comes with a bamboo liner brush, and while it works OK, I prefer to use my Sephora angled liner brush. It helps give me precise lines and makes it easy to change their thickness. If your looking to add a little drama to your eye look, this clay paint liner is where it's at! 


  1. I tried the Beauty Counter liner, but have majorly oily eyelids so it spread all over the place and gave me a black eye look! I didn't know that it is waterproof and I'm surprised! I feel like I need an eye primer but haven't taken the time yet to research which one has safe ingredients!

    1. Unfortunately with very oily eye lids a primer is a must and I have yet to find a natural alternative. Have you ever tried tight lining? Pull your lid taught by pressing your finger on the outer corner and wiggle the pencil in the root of your lashes. This really helps define your eyes without having eyeliner on your lid.

    2. I haven't! I should try that next time I'm at my moms and can borrow her liner!