RMS Beauty

Rose Marie Swift is a celebrity makeup artist who created an organic beauty line after realizing the damaging effects that chemically-laden products were having on her health. After suffering from unexplained health problems and undergoing extensive testing, she learned that her blood contained toxic levels of heavy metals, including barium, aluminum, cadmium, lead, and mercury, along with high levels of pesticides and other chemicals—her constant exposure to makeup was literally poisoning her body. Prior to this discovery, she had no idea cosmetics could contribute to serious health issues. She set out to create a line of products that were both effective and natural, and RMS Beauty, a line of organic color cosmetics, was born. She also operates beautytruth.com, a website devoted to helping women protect themselves from toxic chemicals found in products they use on their bodies daily.
I only own RMS cream eye shadow in lunar, but I look forward to expanding my collection, as this item has quickly become a favorite in my makeup routine. These mineral pigments bounce light off of your face, giving you the most gorgeous, luminous glow. I apply with my index finger on the top of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose, on my cupid’s bow, and in the corner of my eyes. This shadow transforms dull, lifeless skin into radiant, youthful skin in a matter of seconds. 
Also, this product works wonders for mature skin! For a natural fresh face look, use as an all-over eyeshadow to brighten and open-up the eye area. 

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