Get A Grip

Get A Grip; no seriously! It's the most versatile bag you will ever own. Whether you‘re packing for a day at the beach or organizing your kid’s toys, the Get A Grip helps you keep everything in its proper place. It also makes a great gift: baby shower, bridal, graduation, birthday or just a thinking-of-you (my personal favorite)—stock it with your favorite products for a unique and thoughtful gift.

This bag has been a life-saver since the birth of my daughter. It keeps everything I need in one place and, because it can be moved from one room to another, easily accessible. I also use one in the car to store all Ryn’s baby items, and it's perfect for compartmentalizing my beauty products while traveling. This functional bag comes in many fun colors and patterns, and Initlas, Inc. monograms for free. Get yourself a Get A Grip (or two).