Are you drinking clean water?

The water we consume should be hydrating and cleansing. Unfortunately, the source that is readily available to us—unfiltered tap water—smuggles much more that h2o into our bodies. Along with impurities like lead and chlorine, tap water also contains traces of pharmaceutical drugs (anti-consultants, mood stabilizers, and sex hormones, for example), which are particularly dangerous for infants and developing children. After realizing that my Brita water filter was leaving behind many contaminants, I set out to find the best water filtration system available. I researched many different filters and found the two most effective options: the Berkey Water Filter and the Apex Water System. I couldn’t decide which product to choose, so my Mom and I decided to each buy one filter, compare our experiences, and report on our findings.   

Kathryn’s experience:
I invested in the Berky water filter system.It’s a free standing, portable, stainless steel device that's gravity-fed and doesn't require electricity or water pressure. Simply pour tap water into the upper chamber and fresh, clean water is filtered into the lower chamber. It's truly the cleanest water that I've tasted, which encourages me to consume more water daily. The Berkey removes many contaminates (including bacteria, viruses, foul tasting odors, Mercury, lead, chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, and more) while leaving in the beneficial minerals that the body needs.

Katelyn’s experience:
I ordered the Apex water systemApex water system . This reverse osmosis filtration system is installed under your sink with faucets that come in many different styles to match your kitchen. Once installed, you never have to worry about filling a tank. The Apex's initial set-up is more complicated than other options, but Reverse Osmosis systems are known to remove more contaminants than most filters, such as: arsenic, asbestos, fluoride, inorganic minerals, and pharmaceutical drugs.

In my quest for a healthier lifestyle, gaining access to clean water was one of my most important changes. I wish I'd made the switch sooner, but this process is all about baby steps. Both of these filters are awesome, and we highly recommend either of them.  
What do you use to filter your water?

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  1. I have a Berkey also. Love it. I added the fluoride filters so my water is fluoride free.