Coloring your hair at home can be daunting but I have a solution

If you've ever thought about coloring your hair at home but don't know where to start Madison Reed has a user friendly website that tailors hair color to your specific needs. You can either choose a hair color, take a quick hair quiz which helps create the perfect color for you, or email one of their color specialist directly. They take your hair texture, natural color, previous (artificial) color, and desired hair color into consideration. After answering a few simple questions they'll provide 3 options you can choose from. This is what makes Madison Reed unique to other at home hair coloring systems. The concept is brilliant and most importantly it works!

If you've ever gone to the drug store to pick out a hair color you probably got some color you weren't exactly going for or had a hair disaster that led  you to spending more in the salon than you'd ever imagined.  That's because they formulated one random color mixed with a very high volume developer to cover anyone's hair no matter how dark or light. This is why your roots may go lighter, different parts of your hair get much darker, giving a overall uneven and undesireable appearance.

Not everyone has the time or money to go to the salon, I get it! If you're someone who's interested in coloring your own hair at home Madison Reed is one of the best options I've found.


One box is 24.95 or you can get on a continuous plan for 19.95 that can be scheduled to be delivered at your door anywhere between 2-8 weeks. If you have really long hair you can get an extra tube of color for $10.

There is no 100% natural hair color line that performs but this line is free of PPD, phylates, ammonia, resorcinol, parabens and gluten. Made with karatin, argon oil and ginseng root to strengthen repair and bring out natural shine. No drip formula to ensure you have a mess free experience.

Find your perfect hair color now

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Favorite Gadgets You May Not Own

You can shop directly from my page by clicking on the Amazon picture. If you use my link I receive  a small commission at no extra cost to you. I love sharing with you and I appreciate your support!

The food dehydrator I use to make veggie bread and chips
Scotch Brite Long handle Scrub brush I used in my IG story today. Much better price than in stores. Makes cleaning your tub quicker and less labor intensive (especially on your back)! You’ll never go back to another brush

This Diaper Caddy is the way I keep my car organized with two babies (in diapers). Would also work to keep you organized sans children. At $14 you can’t beat it!

The original Danish Dough wisk is a game changer when mixing any sort of dough or batter. Wish I had this years ago. Would also make a unique gift!

Milk Frother
A powerful little gadget to quickly mix and make frothy matcha latte’s..coffee...hot coco etc. I even use it to mix probiotics in Ryn’s juice ; )

Wool Dryer balls not only soften your clothes but they get in between your clothes which allows more hot hair between your laundry for more efficient and quick drying time. If you haven’t switched to dryer balls you’re missing out. They last about 18 months

This Dish Rack makes ALL the cooking and cleaning so much more organized. Totally worth the investment!

If you have any pilling on a sweat or your furniture you’ve got to get this little guy. Makes your furniture and clothes look like new again.

I quit getting waxed and use this little razor on my upper lip. I also use it on the back of my husbands neck in between haircuts. So cheap and one of my favorite gadgets.

If you’ve been following me long enough you know my love for the Hubalou Hair Towel. I sleep in one at night and wake up with voluminous hair.

Kind of a punch in the gut on your initial purchase of a slasher bag but I promise you’ll use them so many times it will far exceed your investment. Plus you’re helping save our planet, one less plastic bag at a time. 


Dyson Supersonic Blowdryer Review

After spending some time playing with the new Dyson Blowdryer I wanted to share my detailed review. I am comparing it to my Chi Hand Shot professional Blowdryer for less than half the cost $150

It protects your hair by measuring the exit temperature 20 times per second and adjusts the heating element accordingly to protect your hair from heat damage. This is the most impressive feature. It dries your hair quickly without overheating.

It does dry hair faster but it doesn't cut your time in half. It took me 9 minutes to dry half my moms hair with my Chi and 7 minutes with the Dyson.

A rubber mount prevents the motor from vibrating against the handle reducing the transfer of sound between the motor and the case. The noise isn't necessarily quieter but it's not as disturbing, if that makes sense. It doesn't have the high pitch, piercing sound like most blowdryers, it's actually a very relaxing subtle sound.

The V9 motor spins at 110,000 times a minute with one inaudible frequency. The digital motor is small enough to fit in the handle. This is where the weight lies, instead of traditionally in the back.

Two Sleek minimalistic  heat and speed buttons with 4 levels indicated by LED lights. It comes with 3 nozzles that magnetically attached, this keeps hair from getting caught between the attachment and the dryer.

$399.99 because $400.00 just sounds too outrageous.

30 day refund policy and two year warranty. So if you're not completely satisfied or think it's not worth the price it can easily be returned.

 I feel it's worth the price if you're able to spend money on luxury items and spend a significant amount of time drying your hair. With a name like Dyson, it should last. It will keep your hair from heat damage which helps with frizz and shine.


How To Maintain Healthy Locks

I’m often asked “how can I have healthy hair?” or “how can I get my hair to grow faster?” So I came up with a few ways to help with both:

1. Use a hair towel that doesn’t cause breakage. Most hair towels act as velcro causing breakage and frizz. My favorite hair wrap from Huablou made of 100% Rayon from Bamboo. These lightweight wraps help hold curl together, provide lift and volume to lifeless hair, and significantly reduce drying time which can be a life saver to those who have thick hair. You see, hair is most fragile when wet; hudrogen bonds are broken down when hair is wet and reform when dried. This is how hair can be reshaped into different patterns. So my best tip for maintaining healthy hair is to use a hair towel (much like a soft t-shirt) to reduce breakage and promote healthy locks. The hubalou comes in many fun colors and can be tied numerous ways.

2. Only wash your hair when necessary. At least every other day. You can use a dry shampoo between washes if necessary. My favorite is One Love Organic's Healthy Locks. I find it works best when applied at night. The powder absorbs the oil over night  and you aren't left clean looking and smelling hair without any powdery residue.

3. While in the shower, after shampooing your hair, clip your hair with conditioner while you finish your shower. The heat will open the cuticle which will encourage the condoner to generate further into your hair. Then rinse in cool water to seal the cuticle. If your hair is very damaged use a deep conditioning treatment weekly or bi-weekly.

4. Use the wet brush to get out tangles while your hair is still wet, or if you’re like me, you can skip brushing your hair all together while wet.

5. Trim your ends and layers regularly. I have simple videos on Youtube where you can do this yourself at home.

Video on how to trim your ends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH_-L9toKt8

Video on how to trim layers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5LLRcFhtXg


Red Apple Lipstick Isn’t Just For Your Lips

Don’t let the name fool you Red Apple Lipstick also has incredible eye shadows. They are richly pigmented, long lasting and have very little fall out. The application is always effortless and beautiful.

Eyes: Yes You Canyon & Like U Latte
Lip: Petal To The Metal

They have a stunning array of gluten-free, allergen-free mineral eyeshadows. With over 40 non-toxic pressed mineral shadows to choose from you’re guaranteed to have beautiful color without having to worry about itchy, puffy, red or swollen eyes. So if you’re looking for a great high end green product line this is the place to go. I can’t wait to finish filling up my Z Palette!

From top to bottom:
Down to Earth, Like U Latte, and Yes You Canyon.


Raw Elements Sunscreen

I have put Raw Elements sunscreen to the test for a little over a month now. This product is EWG #1 rated sunscreen and met all of my requirements as far as safety, effectiveness, and durability. 

It's safe for baby's (I followed the no sunscreen before 6 months recommendation) and strong enough for adults. They use certified organic non nano, uncoated zinc oxide as the main ingredient. I purchased mine in the repurposable/ recyclable plastic-free packaging. It's very water resistant and never runs or stings the eye. I like that it blends into the skin without a white cast and doesn't leave a sticky residue. It's packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and extracts leaving your skin nourished and moisturized well after you apply it. Due to it's thick consistency, I typically rub it in my hands before applying it (a little goes a long way). 

This is the only sunscreen that I have applied to my nine month. She has never burned or experienced any irritation. If you're looking for a safer alternative to chemical sunscreens I think you should give this product a try. 


Esthoria Box featuring RMS

The Esthoria Box is a curated collection of clean, ethical, and sustainable luxury products. These high quality products arrive at your door bi-monthly. It's the best way to expand your collection without spending a fortune, as they come at a very discounted rate. Each box is $69 and well worth it in my opinion. We all know luxury products can take a toll on the wallet. Each box features a different brand with 2-3 full size products. I love this because you can get a good feel for each brand. They also let you choose a certain shade or product in each box. For example this box I chose Sublime lip shine as my lip color of choice.

The first month featured RMS, a brand I happen to already love. I received a lip shine in Sublime, Buriti Bronzer and the sought after Master Mixer. It also came with 20 RMS makeup remover  towelettes (valued at $16). Rose Marie lip gloss and liner; all for $69 it's a steal. To give you some perspective, RMS products ranges from $26-38 each.

Product review:
The Buriti bronzer quickly became my favorite cream bronzer, perfect way to warm up my face for summer. Like all RMS products it's very natural and blends into your skin like a dream. The lip shine is the perfect hint of color and I love how well it moisturizes my lips. Another great summer addition! The master mixer looks great on the lips and mixed with other products, like my bronzer. It also looks really nice on the eye lids for a nice warm glow. I still prefer RMS Eye Polish in Lunar as a highlight but the Master Mixer would be the perfect highlight for someone with darker skin.

I did not like the RMS makeup removing wipes. It felt too greasy and I didn't like the way the towelette felt on my face. I'm typically not a fan of makeup remover wipes in general so this may work great on someone else.

RMS Buriti Bronzer
RMS Master Mixer 
Marie Natie Lip Gloss in Tickled 
Marie Natie Black Eyeliner

*Note: RMS products are made with coconut oil which is a fat and can clog pores. If you have oily, sensitive or problematic skin these products may not work for you.

It also featured two products from Marie Natie, a gorgeous makeup line with products that perform like conventional makeup brands but with carefully selected natural ingredients. I love the lip gloss in Tickled. It's a gorgeous warm nude pink. It really compliments my skin tone, it's long lasting with a nice vanilla scent. The black eyeliner is pigmented, creamy and works great under my eyes without transferring. After reviewing the product line I noticed they are coming out with a gel liner that I can't wait to try.

I highly reccomend this box to anyone who wants to grow their collection or who's a product junkie like me.